Aquatain Drops 15

Eco-Friendly Products For Mosquito Control


It is not a biocide for the purposes of article 3, paragraph 1, letter a), of EU regulation no. 528/2012. [IMPLEMENTING COMMISSION DECISION (EU) 2015/655 of 23 April /2015].

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Polidimetilsiloxano (PDMS silicon) 89%
Inert Ingredients 11%


AQUATAIN DROPS is a product in water-soluble capsules (made of vegetable-based material) that contain AQUATAIN AMF® which “emulates” the use of common larvicide tablets. Both products may be bought freely – without any registration - in Italy, the European Union and other countries.
AQUATAIN DROPS, in fact, are not considered a biocide for the purposes as they implement a physical-mechanical action, long-lasting and effective for at least 4 weeks. There is no possibility of developing any resistance phenomena.



Ready to use

• Container of small water (saucers, vases, etc.): Apply n° 1 capsule.
• Containers of medium size water (domestic manholes in courtyard areas, gutters, etc.): Applying n° 1-4 capsules, in accordance with the load of organic matter present.

In general apply n° 4 capsules (4 capsules=1 ml. of Aquatain AMFTM) for each m2 of stagnant water surface.
Insert again the capsules every 4 weeks or after any rainfall. Residuality: at least 30 days.

larvae mosquito

Items available

Cod. artPackaging
1-274-1001-1x6 1 l bottle in a 6 piece pack
Cod. artPackaging
1-274-1001-1x5 5 l tank
Cod. artPackaging
1-274-1001-1x10 10 l tank
Cod. artPackaging
1-274-1001-50X48 50 ml bottle in a 48 piece pack
Cod. artPackaging
1-274-1X15 Case of 15 drops (1 blister of 15 drops) in box of 100 cases
Cod. artPackaging
1-274-2X15 Case of 30 drops (2 blisters of 15 drops) in box of 100 cases
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