Aquatain AMF ® 5l

Eco-Friendly Products For Mosquito Control

Professional tank, 5 liter


AQUATAIN AMF® It is not a biocide for the purposes of article 3, paragraph 1, letter a), of EU regulation no. 528/2012. [IMPLEMENTING COMMISSION DECISION (EU) 2015/655 of 23 April /2015]

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100 grams of product contain:
Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS silicone) 89%
Inert ingredients and adjuvants 11%



Aquatain AMF® is an eco-friendly, unique, next-generation product to control mosquito larvae. Aquatain AMF® is a liquid product containing silicone and it can be easily applied to standing or fresh water, where it forms an ultra-fine film to cover the whole extension of same. Its physical and mechanical action will remain efficient and in place for at least 4 weeks. In compliance with current laws, Aquatain AMF® is not a health hazard and will not have negative effects on the water environment. The product is guaranteed by the manufacturer as suitable exclusively for the control of mosquitos. Unsuitable for all other uses. The PDMS it contains will not alter water values such as temperature, pH, oxygen saturation, hardness, ammonia or nitrogen compounds. Specifically, the oxygen saturation levels fall within the acceptable levels for the survival of aquatic plants and animals. Tests carried out by certification bodies have found that PDMS can be used in drinking water. It does not create resistance build-up problems.


Aquatain AMF® is for use on standing and fresh water: lakes, reservoirs, rice fields, drains, channels, manholes, gullies, water tanks, plantpot saucers, buckets, septic tanks, tyres, guttering, etc.


Aquatain AMF® has an exclusively physical and mechanical action. The fine silicone film that forms over the surface of the water after application blocks the correct development of the young stages of the mosquito (larva and pupa). It prevents the larvae and pupae from taking in the oxygen they require to develop into adults. In fact, it prevents larvae and pupae from attaching to the surface of the water to take in the oxygen they need from the air to survive. The low surface tension created also affects the egg laying process, as the adult females do not lay their eggs on treated water. Apply 1 ml undiluted product per m2 of water surface. Apply 1-5 ml (recommended dose 2 ml) of product as such for each manhole, water trap and road sewer cover, according to the organic matter present. We suggest applying the product with the "Larvamatic" equipment. According to the surface area being treated, it is sufficient to pour on the recommended amount of Aquatain AMF® and in a short time, the surface will be evenly covered.

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