Bleu Line
Professional Pest Control

Protecting things and people is the most natural gesture in the world…and also one of the most important. The mission of our Group is to produce and distribute solutions for the integrated management of pests in urban, industrial and zootechnical environments. Our objective? To play a part in ensuring a healthy environment, guaranteeing safe food and making life comfortable, with respect for people, animals and the environment

Bleu Line - il cliente sempre al centro

The customer at the center. Always

We study what the market is looking for and we are close to the customer accompanying him from the first contact, to the support in the field, to after-sales, to professional training. Our sales network is made up of trained technicians who provide personalized technical support. We guarantee a personalized and fast delivery service for our products and equipment.

We distribute our products in over 45 countries around the world.

Bleu Line - divisione di ricerca e sviluppo

Research and Development Division

Innovation will be our strength and was created with the aim of developing and placing increasingly sustainable products on the market, ensuring the health and safety of people and the protection of the environment. Two production units at work to satisfy the requests of over 100 public bodies, municipal companies and over 900 Professional Pest Management Companies.

Bleu Line - sicurezza sul prodotto

Product safety guarantee

We continuously work to ensure safe products with tests carried out by independent laboratories that demonstrate their effectiveness and effects for humans, animals and the environment. Our regulatory office controls and verifies the issue of products on the market on a daily basis and provides support to all our customers.

The information contained in this website is reserved exclusively for Professionals Pest Control (Pest Controlers, Agronomists, Biologists, Doctors, Veterinarians, Health Authorities, Dealers, etc.) Bleu Line S.r.l. declines all responsibility for any improper use of the products. Before using the products, carefully read the warnings and instructions for use on the label.