Bromobleu Pasta

Bromadiolone 0,005%

Hazelnut flavour

Rodenticide based on Bromadiolone 0,005%

Biocide product (PT 14): Italian Ministry of Health auth. IT/2013/00123/AUT
• Hazelnut flavour
• Red color

Ready-to-use bait, for mice and rats infestations inside and outside buildings.

The product must only be used within the integrated pest management system and only inside bait containers. In covered and protected places. At the end of the treatment period, collect the remaining product. Follow any further instructions required by relevant good practices.

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    Domestic mouse (Mus musculus), Gray Rat (Rattus norvegicus) e Black Rat (Rattus rattus)

    Dosage and use

    Domestic mouse: 40g of product per container.
    Rats: 40-60g of product per container (low infestation). 60-100g of product per container (high infestation).

    Application areas

    Inside buildings, around buildings, outdoors and in open areas.

    Items available

    Cod. artPackaging
    2-188-8-5X10 20g bait in 5 kg boxes
    Cod. artPackaging
    2-188-8-20X20 20 g bait in 20 kg boxes
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